Monday, 29 October 2012


A beautiful modern church against a crisp blue sky. 
The light and acoustics inside the church were amazing. 
It was so modern and clean, amazing slate floors and white washed brick work. 
Look at the little un in his outfit with his lil Nike's...
And this lady work a white handkerchief on her head so well! 
This daddy looked amazing in his waistcoat. 
Like Father, Like Son. 
The guy in the glasses was a DUDE.
Look at that embroidery and workmanship! 

All in such different styles...
This guy looked a little worse for wear eve though it was still not yet midday. 
Swear down he's frothing at the mouth...

This is my cousin Nina who's daughter is Ida, the young girl who got confirmed.
So pretty!
This older lady in the amazing dress with blue skirt, (seriously ho beautiful?!) was the coolest woman there. 
Grey hair neatly plaited back, perfectly slim with a bug ass diamond on her fingers and a death stare. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Ida with her two mates. All Norwegian girls are pretty. slim and have blonde hair. I'd say easily 90%. 
Me in my London outfit looking very out of place in this Norwegian setting, complete with picturesque white labrador. 
The dinner table ready for guests! 


I went to Norway for the day (literally) to see my cousin's daughter Ida get confirmed. This is a pretty standard affair in Norway, even if you aren't really religious as everyone gives you CASH as a present, so all the kids wanna do it. They normally rack up a few grand each. Easy for a morning in church eh...

The traditional costume of 'BUNAD' is still worn by many on christenings, at weddings (for the ceremony), confirmations. Just not funerals. The Bunad are normally passed down and can be generations old. You can add to them in terms of embroidery and silver (be in trikents/jewelllery/brooches) through the years and they are a beautiful Norwegian tradition. 

The Bunad design, including embroidery patterns, fit, colour is relative to a regions of Norway, much like the Tarten's to clans in Scotland or the knit to Fisherman jumpers in Ireland. 

I have my grandma's own that I need to have taken in. I'll have a photo ready of me in that soon. 

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